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The world’s first pupil imaging system – automated, contact-free and through closed eyes

Clinical Problem / Unmet Need

Head injury & Stroke is a leading cause of death & disability worldwide. It has a large economic cost on society, including direct and indirect medical costs.

The primary goal in the management of brain injured patients in the ICU is to prevent a secondary insult to the brain.

Early detection of neurological deterioration in patients with brain injury is a key point for improved outcomes & recovery.

Pupillary light reflex examination is an important, non-invasive diagnostic tool for neurological assessment in critical care units.

Pupillary examination provides valuable information in the assessment of brain damage. It has a strong correlation to increased Intracranial pressure.

Current standard of care pupillary assessment is done manually & Intermittently by the nursing staff, using a penlight and a ruler.

Critical care patients with severe brain injury, sedated and ventilated or in a comatose state, require constant pupillary examination to monitor any changes in their neurological condition.

Proposed Solution

Real time, continuous & automatic pupil reflex monitoring for assessing neurological status of unconscious, patients in:

 – Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
 – Stroke
 – Brain Surgery

We are developing the first real-time, automated, pupil imaging system through closed eyes.


Ilan Carmel, CEO