DermaDetect, an eHealth Ventures company, announces landmark partnership with Israeli HMO – Maccabi Healthcare Services

Tel Aviv, August 6, 2020  –  DermaDetect, an advanced eHealth Ventures portfolio company, is rolling out their automated skin diagnosis application across the entire Maccabi network starting in Q3 2020.  The partnership is an outgrowth of an earlier pilot between the two entities.  The pilot was intentionally limited to test the efficacy of the DermaDetect Artificial Intelligence (AI) application and has proved so successful that the new long-term partnership will span the entire Maccabi network reaching 2.4 million patients.

The partnership highlights DermaDetect’s unique ability to deliver on the promise of remote diagnostics, assisting in solving the majority of patient cases remotely, without necessarily visiting the clinic or conducting a video call. The need for advanced telemedicine is even more apparent during the COVID-19 crisis, where many patients must avoid in-person doctor visits.

How It Works

The patient app allows the user to capture images of their skin condition and upload securely for dermatologist review. The AI-driven app mimics how dermatologists work, guiding the patient with questions that follow the dermatological diagnostic process.

The DermaDetect application delivers the information to the dermatologist, who diagnoses and prescribes treatment remotely or brings in the patient as needed.

Patients Win. Physicians Win. Clinics Win.

Using DermaDetect, dermatologists can diagnose common skin conditions and treat them remotely while patients receive fast and accurate responses, along with treatment options, without leaving their home.  Physicians using the app are able to focus on patients remotely, while continuing to treat patients frontally in their clinics.

“One third of the population globally either have, or will have, a skin condition requiring medical attention.  DermaDetect’s mission is to improve virtual care by offering a unique hybrid approach where patients can show-and-tell their symptoms via the mobile app regardless of doctor availability. Dermatologists can then triage each patient, deciding who they treat remotely or who they need to meet in-person or online.” said Eugene Dicker, CEO of DermaDetect.  “We’re bringing the potential to have every patient receive treatment anywhere, anytime.”

Dr. Orly Greenfeld, Deputy Head of Maccabi’s medical division said “The initial pilot we had with DermaDetect was a huge success. We are happy to expand it to a multi-region, long-term partnership. This is the type of tele-diagnostic tool that allows us to provide accurate, fast and cost-effective treatment to our patients.”

Ophir Shahaf, VP of Business Development for eHealth Ventures, added “We are proud to see this major step towards commercialization for DermaDetect – one of our first portfolio companies. The partnership with Maccabi is a cornerstone of our incubator and a clear driver of value for our portfolio. This enables DermaDetect to collect more data, improve its AI engines and provide an effective tool for tele-diagnostics.”


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